Meta Dating

Hong Kong First Metaverse Dating Event in AltSpaceVR.

Instead of spending hours getting ready and worrying about how you look, just customise your avatar and bring along your shining personality. Be your authentic self without fear and find someone who vibes with the real you!

防疫措施之下好多活動都做唔到,今年嘅白色情人節,唔通又要一個無無聊聊咁過? 唔洗擔心,因為MetaPlayers 將會喺今年3月14日呢個咁浪漫嘅時刻,舉辨新一場speed dating虛擬交友活動! 到時你可以利用metaverse,直接認識到香港甚至世界各地唔同嘅新朋友,令你可以足不出戶都可以享受到「勁溫馨,超浪漫」嘅約會。 即刻進入metaverse元宇宙,享受更多你前所未試過嘅體驗!

Korean Black Valentine's Day Event

14th April, 2022 8:30PM


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Our satisfied Attendants want to share with you

"Getting to know someone on the Metaverse is so much less stressful than real life. I'm less worried about how I look and focusing more on the experience and interaction!
Carter Bostock
"Dating in the Metaverse makes me feel much more secure. It's safe, and I can easily block any creeps I come across. I make deeper connections with my matches as our connection is based on personality and not just appearance.
Chelsy Simons

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Microsoft AltSpaceVR

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