Frequently asked questions

What does MetaPlayers do?

Metaplayers is an inter-universe music content creator that links the metaverse and the real world. 

MetaPlayers works in three main areas: MetaArtists, Metaverse Content and Metaverse events. 

What are Metaverse events?

MetaPlayers ensures all events are interdimensional – in the metaverse and in real life. We can utilize a multitude of metaverses and host immersive participative events in them. At the same time, we ensure that viewers can join in with traditional means, catering for the mainstream market as well as more metaverse-savvy audiences. 

What is a MetaArtist?

Current tech has enabled artists to perform in different dimensions. MetaArtists can perform in both traditional media such as film, television and online streaming sites, as well as in the Metaverse. MetaPlayers aims to nurture traditional artists and bring them into the Metaverse, giving them a new realm of possibilities to develop and perform. 

With 3D, VR and deepfake tech, MetaArtists provide an opportunity for single-skilled artist to continue evolving in the current and future market. 

Other tech we’re looking to develop:

Apart from integrating others’ systems, we are also looking to make our own metaverse. The music-focused metaverse we’re building looks to integrate new software and hardware for the ultimate music experience. The software will allow for participation and audience contribution to a music experience. As for the hardware, more advanced IOT devices need to be developed to make the metaverse as immersive as we envision it.

What is Metaverse Content?

While MetaPlayers can produce content that suits traditional means for streaming, we focus on developing immersive and participative experiences that engages the five senses. All our produced content gives audiences agency in moving around spaces, interacting with other users and contributing to making the experience their own. 

Unique pieces of content can be minted as NFTs creating a new income stream for artists. 

What is Web 3.0? Why Web 3.0 is essential for MetaPlayers?

Web 3.0 is composed of three main elements: Cryptocurrency, NFTs and the Metaverse. Before NFTs, a song’s value cannot be simply evaluated, and its ownership cannot be transferred. With the development of Web 3.0, virtual assets can be verified, and transactions can be made accessible to anyone, even to people outside of the industry. Web 3.0 opens opportunities for musicians and music lovers, unconstrained by the physical. 

What do NFTs do in this project?

Music is the most widely accessible and globally accepted form of art. We predict that music will quickly become the biggest virtual asset trade and become the future of NFTs. NFTs help artists find a new, transparent stream of income.