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Virtual platform MetaPlayers to roll out virtual music idols and launch NFT music marketplace

Virtual platform MetaPlayers will roll out 100 virtual idols next year while working on a hybrid competition to attract talents in the music industry as part of its effort to build a new music economy.

MetaPlayers said the company will roll out 100 virtual idols in early 2022. These virtual idols are from Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and the UK. To reach audiences from across the globe, these idols are not just singing Cantonese songs, but also Mandarin and English, according to co-founder of MetaPlayers Michael So (pictured left below).

The company also said Metaverse’s decentralisation dismantles the control that major record labels hold over the industry, giving creators increased freedom for creativity and enabling them to break through language barriers that can help them reach the global audience.

“Having been in the music industry for over 20 years, I have seen limitless talent in our pool of artists. The implementation of virtual avatars allows all artists, regardless of their background, age, or veteran status, to design and rebrand themselves, which pushes musical boundaries and breathes new life into music circles all around the world, said co-founder of MetaPlayers Alvin Wang (pictured right below).

metaplayers picMeanwhile, to attract talents to join the music industry, MetaPlayers will co-host a hybrid competition “DJ Mag Rising Star” with Major Player and authorised by DJ Mag. Expected to be launched in early 2022, “DJ Mag Rising Star” will be a hybrid competition with on-site, online and VR components, inviting electronic dance music DJs and celebrity guests to join an international event encompassing China, Hong Kong, Macau and participants from around the world. Participants will “DJ” in virtual reality while audiences can interact with each other in real-time during the event.

MetaPlayers has also launched the first song on major streaming platforms. The company is also planning to work with established artists to bring music to the audience in a completely new format. Currently, MetaPlayers is collaborating with CryptoBLK, allowing artists to mint their pieces into NFTs, offering ways to carry out transactions and make purchases of collectibles and souvenirs all under the direct supervision of the creators. This prevents some of the industry’s most persistent problems: the processing of royalty payments, counterfeit tickets, and scalpers.

Moving forward, MetaPlayers is planning to work with brands in the city and invite them to commission virtual idols to be their ambassadors. When it comes to recruiting virtual idols, Wang said the prerequisite of being a virtual idol has to be good at singing. “We want to humanise the virtual idols. They are not just good at singing or performing, but also talk about something their personal side,” So added.

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