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MetaPlayers envisions an open world for artists through ‘Web 3.0’

In the wake of Facebook rebranding as Meta, the metaverse has defined a new era of online ecosystem and heralded the marketization of ‘Web 3.0’. The transforming market dynamics has now spread to the music industry as MetaPlayers, a music metaverse platform, takes the initiative to connect technology with music.

Leading the avant-garde brigade are Alvin Wang, former CEO of A Music, Michael So, seasoned e-commerce expert, and Thomas Cheung, veteran technology and blockchain investor. The three have joined forces to found MetaPlayers, seeking to create a level playing field for individual artists, enable independent musicians to enter the metaverse, and establish a cutting-edge economic epoch through the decentralization of music production.

With technical support, creators present themselves in the metaverse as virtual avatars, and release different genres of music regardless of background, age, or status, pushing musical boundaries and breathing new life into music circles worldwide. The metaverse also dismantles the control that major record labels hold over the industry, empowering artists to create with a wider degree of freedom and reach a more globalized audience.

In the coming weeks, MetaPlayers is debuting its first virtual idol with original songs and music videos to encourage all to join this revolution. Collaborations with established artists are in the works, as the platform brings premium music to the audience in a completely new format, said Wang. 

To guarantee intellectual property, MetaPlayers is collaborating with CryptoBLK, an application for artists to mint their pieces into non-fungible tokens (NFT) for transactions and purchases of collectables and souvenirs under the direct supervision of creators. The innovative solution prevents some of the industry’s most persistent problems: the processing of royalty payments, counterfeit tickets, and scalpers.

In collaboration with Major Player Limited and authorized by DJ Mag, MetaPlayers will co-host a hybrid competition, DJ Mag Rising Star, with on-site, online and VR components in early 2022. Participants will DJ in virtual reality while the audience interacts in real-time with the event.

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